Klaus Hartmann: Slobodan Milosevic – Symbol of the Resistance against the ‚New World Order’

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“The war against Yugoslavia was conducted on behalf of the great powers because Yugoslavia stood in the way of their interests. It stood as an obstacle to the goals of the new world oppressors, the new colonialism.”
This short analysis gave Slobodan Milosevic on October 17th 2002 in The Hague. It gives full explanation for the tragedy which happened in the Balkans from the beginning of the 1990th and which is still going on.
The global war for re-colonization of the word began in 1989/1990, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the former east bloc countries. The ideologists of the temporary victorious imperialism began to speak about “the end of history”. In reality we experienced a remake of a former historical age – similar to that at the start of WW I.
The Government of the ‘reunified’ Germany restored the German role to normality by subjecting its traditional backyard. Germany and its allies Austria and Vatican has supported for decades Slovene, Croatian and Albanian separatism. The United States’ main aim was to establish a unilateral ‘New World Order’. The NATO searched for a new raison d’être and new objectives. All together they wanted to contain and to surround Russia. All together they wanted to prevent any alternative economic system. And with the destruction of Yugoslavia all their aims could come true.
The NATO wanted to establish complete control over the Balkans in order to secure the territory they had foreseen for transit pipelines from east to west.
These were the reasons for the massive anti-Yugoslav disinformation campaign by the Western media, for their brainwashing, their racist agitation against the Serbs, and the satanization of the political leadership of the country.
The hostility culminated in the NATO-Bombings 1999 and continued in political blackmailing, economic sell-out and territorial fragmentation. We called the NATO – Aggression a “door-opening war”, and Javier Solana approved that: “the experience … will serve as a model for future NATO operations”.
They destroyed International Law, claiming that this would be the “New International Law: In the time of globalism the national states would be outdated and the national sovereignty an anachronistic idea.
Slobodan Milosevic has clearly foreseen the further development in his televised address on 2 October 2000:
“The territory that would remain bearing the name of Serbia would be occupied by an international, US or other foreign military force, which would treat this territory as their military training ground and as their property to be controlled according to the interests of the power the army of which is present there.”
“One of the essential tasks assigned to a puppet government in any country, including ours, where we would have such a government, is loss of identity”.”
“They do not want peace or prosperity in the Balkans. They want this to be a zone of permanent conflicts and wars which would provide them with an alibi for a lasting presence.
Moreover, all countries finding themselves reduced to a status of limited sovereignty and with governments under the influence of foreign powers, have speedily become impoverished in a manner destroying all hope for more just and humane social conditions.”
“Public and social property would quickly be transformed into private property, but as a rule its owners, as demonstrated by the experience of our neighbors, would be foreigners. There would be few exceptions including almost only those who would pay for their right to ownership by their loyalty and submission, equivalent to the elimination of fundamental national rights and human dignity.
The greatest national assets in such circumstances become the property of foreigners, and the people who used to manage them would continue to do so, but as employees of foreign companies in their own country.”
“Countries that are not free would deny the people who live in them their right to free speech, as it would necessarily be in opposition to the lack of freedom.
This is why thought control is a kind of mental torture and a most persistent and indispensable form of torture in a country that has lost its freedom. Exerting your free will is, of course, out of the question. It is admitted only as a farce. It is granted only to the lackeys of foreign masters, whose simulation of their freedom of the will would only be used as a justification for the democracy in the name of which the occupiers have taken possession of another people´s country.”
The so-called elections in September 2000 were a first milestone to achieve the imperialist goals. In truth that were no elections but a well prepared CIA coup, a Coup d’état, nowadays called “regime change”. After installation of a puppet government they could accomplish their triumph on 28 June 2001, when Slobodan Milosevic was kidnapped from Belgrade – even though the Yugoslav Constitutional Court had forbidden his extradition, because that violates the Yugoslav constitution. For the famous “fistful of Dollars” the traitors sold out brave patriots, and the honor and the dignity of the country with it.
Slobodan Milosevic as a political prisoner of NATO was arrested in the prison in Scheveningen, which is another symbol: it is a former Nazi prison where the fascists arrested the members of the Dutch Resistance.
The so-called “Hague Tribunal” is formally run by UN, but it was NATO’s spokesperson Jamie Shea who admitted that it is NATO who runs the ‘tribunal’ in fact. Right from its creation it was a false court, an illegitimate construction, a political tool with a juridical camouflage.
Even the UN- Committee which later prepared the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC) admitted, that the “establishment of an ad hoc tribunal immediately raises the question of ‘selective justice’. The Hague tribunal did its utmost to approve that apprehension and the fact that it is a politically motivated kangaroo court.
The Kosovo indictment was drawn up at the height of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Croatia were only added because of concerns that the evidence of direct responsibility for war crimes in Kosovo was not strong enough.
The witnesses of the prosecution were NATO-politicians and war criminals, nationalist and separatists from Croatia and Bosnia, terrorists from the KLA and the agents of the secret services of various Western countries.
When they called the former head of the Department of State Security of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, Mr. Markovic testified that he was tortured in that jail to force him to agree to give false testimony against Slobodan Milosevic.
The statements of the “Accused” exploded their tissue of lies, and the prosecution failed completely to provide conclusive evidence of his guilt. He accused the ‘Tribunal’ of “destroying the universal legal order to the extent that there is a collapse of the civilization”. In this situation the ICTY used his illness to silence a prisoner who won’t be broken.
They reduced the time allotted for the organization of his defense and eliminated the facilities that had been accorded him for the preparation of his defense; they increased his stress by isolating from his family and refusing periods of rest. They prescribed medications which were useless or contraindicated or poisoning. They rejected at least his request for provisional release toward a period of emergency hospitalization at the Bakulev Institute in Moscow.
All things considered that was a medically assisted judicial assassination.
The Journalists hired by NATO and ‘embedded’ by its ICTY did all they could to hide the truth. The long lasting brainwashing campaign of Western Media succeeded at least by implementing a ‘Milosevic syndrome’. Scarcely anybody has the heart to question the widespread reversed image about the Serbian people, the Hague trial and the politics of Slobodan Milosevic which were committed to freedom, peace, sovereignty and social justice.
“The aggressors should not write the history” – this slogan from many rallies necessitates refuting the imperialist propaganda ceaselessly, that propaganda from The Hague’s ‘indictments’ which Slobodan Milosevic labeled as a “sum of unscrupulous manipulations, lies, curtailing of rights, defeat of morality, extremely irresponsible altering of history.”
The Imperialists knew better than many progressive people why they defamed and fought Slobodan Milosevic relentlessly: He stood for the protection of a multicultural of a multicultural Yugoslavia as a home country for all nations, for equal rights for all its citizens, against the dictatorship of World Bank and International Monetary Fund, for the Defense of social justice and a system of combined private, state and social property, against the sellout of national resources and sovereignty.
Under difficult circumstances and difficult international political conditions he strived to achieve these strategic objectives. He did it with knowledge and political acumen. He was a rare, an exceptional politician, and one who deserves the label ‘politician’ rightly. He stands the tradition of the Philosophers of the Enlightenment, when he stood up against the NATO-beadles in The Hague, with amazing bravery and knowing clarity, addressing his ‘judges’: “You, gentlemen, cannot even imagine what a privilege it is, even in the conditions you have imposed, to have truth and justice as allies.”
For me it was a great fortune that I could meet Slobodan Milosevic and discuss political problems and his views several times, in Belgrade and in The Hague. I am still impressed by his analytical and long-term thinking, but even by his willingness to discuss controversial issues patiently and to satisfy his conversional partner by strong arguments.
It is our duty to continue the struggle for the values for which Slobodan Milosevic stood up and gave his life: Telling the truth about war and peace, the Aggressors and their goals, and that the people must unite to fight them; Defending International Law and National Sovereignty, supporting the struggles for liberation and independence, fighting for social justice and the right of all peoples to determine their social and political systems without foreign interference.