Milošević Committee Organizes a Protest Rally and Delivers a Protest Note to UN in Vienna

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National Sovereignty and Social Justice
Sofia * New York * Moscow * Belgrade
Co-Chairmen: Velko Valkanov, Ramsey Clark, Sergei Baburin

F i r s t A n n o u n c e m e n t


Vienna, 11 March 2011
Delivery of a protest note to UN; Press conference; Rally at Stefanspatz; Panel discussion

Dear ICDSM members and supporters, friends,

to commemorate the tragic and scandalous death of President Slobodan Milosevic 5 years ago, we invite you to participate in the international protest in Vienna on March 11, 2011.

President of Serbia and Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic died in his cell before the end of the trial, after the tribunal declined the Russian state guarantees and prevented President Milosevic to get necessary medical treatment in Moscow. President of Republika Srpska Radovan Karadzic is on trial now. Leader of Serbian patriotic opposition Vojislav Seselj is eight years in detention in endless proceedings with no outcome. President of Republika Srpska Krajina Milan Martic is convicted on 35 years, serving his sentence in Estonia. They are all, together with other 90 processed Serbs, subject of political, judicial and medical manipulation in a body, formally linked to UN, but being in fact an uncontrolled tool of imperialist aggression and crime. The Hague tribunal took 16 Serbian lives already. At the same time, this tribunal ignores or whitewashes crimes of NATO and the most horrible terrorist acts, war crimes and drugs, arms and human organs trafficking by the NATO proxies. People of Serbia and peoples of the world should rise against imperial ad hoc tribunals and their derivatives – “special courts” in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade.

A protest rally will take place in the center of Vienna in the afternoon. Several speakers will appear, including Christopher Black (Canada), Klaus Hartmann (Germany) and Vladimir Krsljanin (Serbia). The list of speakers has not been concluded yet. Also, we will deliver a protest note to the United Nations Vienna Office earlier in the morning. Additionally, our demands will be presented at a press conference.

Last of our planned events will be a panel discussion in the evening. It will focus not only on President Milosevic, but shell include the Karadzic and Seselj cases, the Kosovo decision of the ICJ, the Kosovo Albanian narco mafia issue and the role of the UCK and the present situation in former Yugoslavia.

An internal ICDSM meeting will also take place.

Our action is supported so far by the Serbian Radical Party and the Movement for Serbia. We invite all ICDSM members, all freedom and justice loving people and their organizations, all Serbs, including families of the Hague victims to support us to join us in the dignified and peaceful protest in Vienna on 11 March. The precise time schedule of our events will be communicated to you in our Second Announcement. To those coming from other countries, we advice to plan staying in Vienna from 10-12 March. Please inform us about your plans in advance.

On behalf of ICDSM Secretariat: Vladimir Krsljanin and Cathrin Schuetz

National Sovereignty and Social Justice
Sofia * New York * Moscow * Belgrade
Co-Chairmen: Velko Valkanov, Ramsey Clark, Sergei Baburin

Dear Sirs,

We have honor to present our compliments to the UN Office at Vienna
and kindly request a short meeting with H.E. Mr. Yury Fedotov (or
other high UN official) on 11 March 2011 in the morning hours.

Five years ago, on 11 March 2006, former President of Serbia and FR
Yugoslavia Mr. Slobodan Milosevic was found dead in his detention cell
in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
(ICTY) at The Hague. An appropriate and independent investigation into
causes of his death was never performed. A report on internal ICTY
investigation was met with reservations by some UN SC members.

After 16 Serb ICTY defendants have died and, in our view, ICTY had
shown unacceptable amount of bias in favor of NATO countries, its
leaders and proxies (the latest example, officially confirmed by the
UN Secretary General, of ICTY’s refusal to investigate human organs
and Afghan drugs trafficking by the NATO proxy terrorist KLA makes
necessity for some urgent action immediate), we feel a need to
transmit our arguments, concerns and proposals to responsible UN

Our Committee delegation, which would hand our note and present our
views, would be composed in the following way:

Maitre Jacques Verges (France)
Christopher Black (Canada), attorney for the President Milosevic family
Professor Aldo Bernardini (Italy), international law
Vladimir Krsljanin (Serbia), ambassador
Ms. Cathrin Schuetz (Germany), former member of President Milosevic
defence team at ICTY
Goran Petronijevic (Serbia), attorney, legal assistant to Mr. Radovan
Karadzic at ICTY
Klaus Hartmann (Germany), Chairman of German Union of Freethinkers

For your information, connected to the same issue, in order to attract
more public attention, we plan a protest rally on 11 March at 5 pm at
Stephanplatz in Vienna.

We are open for any additional inquiry or clarification and we would
highly appreciate your due time answer. Our contacts: E-mail: , Fax: +381 11 367 53 63, Mobile: +381 62 423 915

The International Committee “Slobodan Milosevic” uses this opportunity
to present to the UN Office at Vienna the renewed assurances of our
highest consideration.

Vladimir Krsljanin, Ambassador,
Secretary of the Committee

On 11 March 2011, in UN Office at Vienna, representatives of the International Committee, Christopher Black and Vladimir Kršljanin, were received by the authorized representatives of the UN Office General Director, Mr Yury Fedotov. On that occasion, they delivered the following

Protest Note

We bring to the attention of the Secretary-General and protest the following:

That the ICTY is a criminal tool of Nato acting under the cover of the
UN symbol.

That the Security Council has no jurisdiction under the UN Charter to
create ad hoc criminal tribunals,

That their existence is justified under Chapter VII of the Charter
dealing with “peace and security” therefore the tribunals have a
political purpose not a juridical purpose,

That the appointment of ICTY judges and prosecutors is controlled by
the principal NATO aggressor against Yugoslavia-the USA,

That the prosecutors have engaged in selective prosecution on a
massive scale-80per cent Serbs, O percent NATO officers and leaders,

That arrests and indictments are made for political and propaganda
purposes, and therefore the prisoners are political prisoners of the

That arrests are made without evidence and long pre-trial detentions
are due to the need to fabricate evidence, as exemplified by the case
of Dr. Seselj,

That prosecutors rely on manipulated and intimidated witnesses,
withholding of exculpatory evidence, intimidation of independent
counsel trying to present strong defences, violations of right to
equality of arms, full answer and defence,

That accused are manipulated to make deals,

That there is infiltration of the NATO intelligence agencies in all
sections of the. ICTY,

That these illegal and immoral practices have 3 objectives:
-to propagate a false history of the events in the republics of Yugoslavia,
-to demonise and discredit the accused and the political,
administrative and military institutions that tried to defend the
integrity and sovereignty of Yugoslavia,
-to cover-up the criminal aggression against Yugoslavia by the NATO
powers and all crimes connected to that aggression including the
cover-up of the obscene murders of Serbs by the KLA proxies of NATO
for the purpose of trafficking in organs as detailed in the Marty
Report and condemned by the PACE.

That the death of President Milosevic, a head of state, was the direct
consequence of the deliberate withholding of necessary medical
treatment which resulted in his death, a criminal homicide.

That the same characterisations apply and practices exist at all the
ad hoc tribunals for Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Hariri: a gulag of
US injustice and persecution of political prisoners.

We therefore demand:

1. the immediate abolition of the entire system of
ad hoc tribunals, the immediate release of all political prisoners
held by them, and a public inquiry by independent jurists and scholars
into the practices, conduct and operations of theses tribunals and
those responsable,

2. a public and independent inquiry into the killing of President Milosevic.