Congratulation Message to Ramsey Clark and IAC

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Sofia-New York-Moscow-Belgrade-Frankfurt
Co-Chairmen:   Velko Valkanov (Bulgaria), Ramsey Clark (USA), Sergei Baburin (Russia)

Dear Mr. Clark, our respected friend and comrade,

We congratulate you on your great human achievement – having been a reliable guide, advocate and comrade to those who are oppressed and denied justice all over the world.

Following your brave example, many men and women of honor have joined our cause and opposed the colonization of the Balkans, the destruction of Yugoslavia and the aggression against Serbia.

Thank you for coming to Belgrade and standing with us under the bombs in 1999 and again, 10 years later, in the great people’s rally to celebrate the victims and heroes. Thank you for protecting UN and International Law from the criminal perversion of the so-called ad hoc tribunals, for coming on several occasions to The Hague, for giving valuable advice to President Milosevic, and for following him in 2006, together with the people of Serbia, on his final journey.

Thank you also for helping the truth to triumph, a victory that now seems almost at hand. This certain triumph of humanity is the triumph of life and truth. The triumph of the truth is a precondition for a World of peace and prosperity. In that sense, there can be no decent future for Europe without an acknowledgment of the truth about the aggression against Yugoslavia.

We highly appreciate the tireless efforts of the International Action Center, which you inspired, to spread knowledge and hope for the American people and for all the nations of humanity – in peace, equality and justice.

To achieve justice for Serbia, the Balkans and Europe, to save people from aggressive imperialist greed, your work has been and will continue to be indispensable. We express our sincerest best wishes for your 85th birthday and for the IAC’s 20th anniversary, which we all regard as our own personal holiday and jubilee.

We wish you many more years of good health, creative spirit and joy in the success of our struggle!

On behalf of the Slobodan Milosevic International Committee,

Klaus Hartmann, Chairman of the Board
Vladimir Krsljanin, Secretary

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