Christopher Black: Letter To The Editor Of Toronto Star

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The Editor,
Toronto Star

Your piece on Milosevic entitled “No place To Hide” constitutes nothing less than criminal journalism. A series of lies from beginning to end, it attempts to control public opinion about the truth of events in Yugoslavia in order to justify the criminal aggression by Canada and the other NATO countries on the last progressive country in eastern Europe and cover the war crimes of Chretien and Arbour and the rest of gangsters who pretend to control the New World Order.

Mr. Milosevic was never “undisputed master” of Yugoslavia. He was duly elected in popular elections unlike President Bush in the United States who was installed against the popular will. He was never a notorious nationalist as you claim and never seduced his people with dreams of a greater Serbia. In every speech and in his actions he did what he could to preserve a multiethnic state against the Machiavellian scheming of the United States and Germany which promoted the Albanian’s bloody thirst for a Greater Albania, a blood soaked ambition fuelled and directed by the United States and its axis and which is today destroying Macedonia and threatens Greece.

It was not Milosevic who delivered ethnic hatred. It was NATO and its tightly controlled media that sowed that hatred with every press release and every article.

It was not Milosevic who brought war and disintegration, sanctions and ruin. It was the United States and Germany, Britain and Canada and the rest of the NATO gangsters who decided to destroy the last progressive government in the east for the benefit of their economic elites. It was not Milosevic who dropped bombs. It was the cowards in the armed forces of all the Nato countries who failed in their duty to defy illegal and immoral orders and instead dropped cluster bombs on innocent women and children. It was not Milosevic who destroyed international law. It was Chretien and the rest of Nato. It was not Milosevic who has contempt for the rule of law and democracy. It is every leader of every government in Nato who never consulted their own people before attacking a small innocent country, and who broke their own domestic laws in that attack.

Where were you when Chretien broke the law in the National Defence Act which forbids the use of the Canadian Armed Forces to attack another country unless attacked first or under UN mandate. Where were you Chretien lied to the Canadian people about the reality in the Balkans. Where were you when Chretien and the rest broke the UN Charter and threw it in the mud. Where were you when they destroyed every principle established at Nuremberg, the Geneva Conventions and dozens of other international protocols.

You talk about the “reformist” government” in Belgrade when in truth it is a fascist regime which has shut down the opposition press, arrested hundreds of people on political charges and fired over 40,000 people in a population of only 11 million from jobs in factories, government, schools, hospitals, unions who had any progressive or patriotic beliefs.

You praise Louise Arbour whose crass political indictment of Milosevic on May 27, 1999 occurred under US instruction at a point at which the Nato alliance was fracturing and domestic support for the bombing was waning. Her action justified the continued violation of international law and criminal aggression against a sovereign state whose only crime was to resist the diktats of Madeleine Albright. You praise a woman who refused to investigate Chretien and other Nato leaders for war crimes as lawyers and jurists around the world insisted, including the group of Canadian lawyers of whom I was one lead by Professor Michael Mandel. Far from shattering Milosevic’s credibility, the indictment against him by Arbour shattered completely the credibility of the Hague Tribunal viewed around the world by esteemed jurists as a kangaroo court partly funded by people like George Soros, who also just happened to fund the KLA at the same time.

Milosevic is not a broken man. I visited with President Milosevic in the Belgrade Central Prison on June 15 as a representative of the International Committee To Defend Slobodan Milosevic. The Committee is composed of jurists, writers, scientists, politicians, professors and other esteemed citizens from over 20 countries who are convinced that the charges against Milosevic are false and a slander against the people of Yugoslavia and an insult to the intelligence of the people in the Nato countries. It includes members such as the great British playwright Harold Pinter, and the former Attorney general of the Untied States, Ramsey Clark.

Mr. Milosevic is in good spirits. He is not suicidal. That is a lie put out to explain in advance his possible murder at the hands of the Nato Quislings presently in power in Belgrade because they know very well that any trial before the Hague tribunal will be an embarrassment for Nato because there is no evidence of crimes that never took place except in the pages of the western press ever anxious to please the economic powers that own them and who are linked with the governments that want to eliminate those, like Milosevic who have the courage to defy them.

Milosevic told me one thing he wanted the world to know. He has a clear conscience. He stated to me, “The only reasons I am in this prison are because I am a socialist and because I stood up to Nato. I am a political prisoner.” The corruption charges against him are false. The Investigative Judge told me that there is no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing by Mr. Milosevic at all and that he is detained because of strong political pressure until he can be handed over to Carla Del Ponte. A Ministry of Justice official told me that there is no evidence against him but that I must understand that “there are many members of the new regime who would like to see all the socialists hanged from lampposts.”

The Toronto Star which prides itself on its liberalism and support of democracy is so blinded by its subservience to its masters that it openly supports the decree by Kostunica stating that Milosevic can be extradited despite the fact that the Yugoslavian parliament opposed the extradition law that Kostunica tried to pass. Apparently, the Star’s support of democracy only goes so far. When the Yugoslav parliament opposes the extradition, an unconstitutional decree which openly violates the will of the people and the Yugoslav constitution is praised as courageous. When Nato and Chretien violated and threw under the Nato jackboot every international law you said nothing. Now you want Canadians to believe that Milosevic’s extradition is a shining example of the benefits of international law. Hypocrisy we know your name.

Christopher Black, Barrister
Head, Legal Committee
International Committee To Defend Slobodan Milosevic
Toronto, Ontario

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