German ‘Free Thinkers Association’ Warns against Nuclear War

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In a rather dramatic appeal, mailed out on Aug. 25 to members of the Bundestag, which contrasts starkly with the otherwise rather academic discussion among anti-war groups, the German Freidenkerverband (Free Thinkers Association) in Berlin warns against the acute threat of nuclear war. The appeal calls on people to sign up to support the campaign.

“The war-threatening situation is escalating. After the wars of aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, war is being prepared against Russia. The encirclement of Russia by military bases, the NATO expansion to the East, the construction of a U.S. missile defense shield and Western operations in Ukraine, are part of this confrontation. We are at war, and this war can turn into a total one, French President François Hollande declared in February 2015. There is the threat of another world war. If a Russia that is attacked, retaliates, what results from that is what former assistant minister Willy Wimmer said in November 2014: that ‘nothing will be left of us.'”That is why there is only one thing for all forces of peace to do: Say No! Germany must exit from the imperial structures of war. Exiting from NATO is the prime target. That is why we call on the Bundestag and the Federal Government: Cancel the NATO Treaty! The Bundestag can decide that, because every party can exit from the treaty, doing so one year after it has informed the government of the United States of the cancellation. That is written in Article 13 of the North Atlantic Treaty. Germany must no longer remain a member of an organization dominated by the policy of U.S. imperialism—the main threat to world peace.”

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