1. Defense and promotion of International Law, equality of nations and people
  2. Exposing the imperialist crimes, especially aggressions, occupation and the policy of Neocolonialism
  3. Exposing the imperialist propaganda to demonize people, countries and their leadership in preparing to wage wars
  4. Exposing the deceptive ideas of “Humanitarian intervention”, “Responsibility to Protect”, “Pre-emptive War” and other euphemisms of aggressive wars
  5. Exposing the concepts of “Free Trade”, “Free Movement of Capital”, “Free Financial Speculation” and all racist and chauvinist ideologies as criminal tools of suppression with genocidal consequences
  6. Promotion of struggles for national sovereignty, liberation and independence
  7. Promotion of struggles for social justice and progress
  8. Promotion of resistance to US/NATO/EU aggression and the “New World Order”
  9. Demanding the abolition of NATO as an aggressive, criminal and terrorist organization
  10. Demanding an end to the occupation of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans and to imperialist warfare in Middle-East and Africa
  11. Exposing the misuse of judicial means to legitimize aggressions, economical and political suppression
  12. Exposing the illegitimacy and crimes of ICTY and ICTR and demanding their immediate abolishment
  13. Solidarity with all political and war prisoners, especially the prisoners and victims of ICTY and ICTR, and demanding their unconditional release
  14. Enforcement of an independent investigation of the death of Slobodan Milošević and establishing criminal responsibility
  15. Keeping memory of victims and fallen heroes of the resistance against the aggressive wars
  16. Investigation and promotion of the true historical meaning of the US/NATO/EU war against Yugoslavia and Serbia and their peoples
  17. Promotion of liberation of Yugoslav lands and re-unification of the Serbian people in order to redeem the historical injustice of division committed through the Western aggression
  18. Promotion of works of Slobodan Milošević