1. We defend national sovereignty and social justice as basic principles of human civilization. We support the right of all peoples to determine their social and political system without foreign interference.
  2. We defend International Law and the role of the United Nations Organization established after the great victory over fascism. We oppose the capture of the UNO by imperialist powers in order to legitimize their wars, occupation and neo-colonialism and to integrate it into the “New World Order” imposed and dominated by the USA, NATO, EU and their allies.
  3. We emphasize that military violence and wars of aggression are regarded as the supreme crimes against International Law and Humanity. Imperialist wars and the militarization of international relations are criminal acts.
  4. We support the right to self-defense against aggression and occupation. We offer our solidarity and support to all peoples threatened by imperialist wars or resisting imperialist occupation.
  5. We condemn racism and chauvinism as irreconcilable to a humane society, freedom and equal rights.
  6. We oppose the promotion of “International Criminal Law” designed to bypass the existing system of International Law and to provide tools for the domination and blackmailing of defenseless countries as well as to legitimize aggressive wars. We offer our solidarity to all persons detained or sentenced by institutions of “International Criminal Law”, especially the ad hoc Tribunals created by the UN Security Council ultra vires.